43 Station Street

Taxi Companies

In August 2023, 43 Station Street, the first building after what was Lloyds Bank, appears to be vacant. There was a “To Let” sign up. Based on Google, it may have been empty in April 2023 although there is a list of airports in the window, perhaps implying that the premises were, at some point, a taxi company. Indeed, a number of different taxi companies have been based there. These included A2B Cars from August 2009 to August 2018, Arrow Cars in March 2019, Oasis 750 Taxis in August 2021 and DG Taxis in March 2022. In both September 2020 and October 2008, the premises looked empty.

43 Station Street in August 2023
Photo of Station Street which shows the edge of Arrow Taxis at 43 Station Street. Photo was posted on Annesley OC Heritage Extra Facebook page in March 2020

Smiths Tobacconist

In 1941 and 1942, number 43 was occupied by Thomas Smith, a tobacconist. He was also there in 1928. Smiths tobac/sweets appears on Jacques’ List of Station Street retailers circa 1920-1940.

Entry in 1941 Kelly’s Directory

Entry in 1928 Kelly’s Directory. At this point, Mrs Edith Smith had the newsagent next door at 45 Station Street. As far as I know, the two Smiths were not related
Advert for Smith’s of 43 Station Street. This advert appeared in a 1956 programme for Handel’s Messiah

Jolly’s Tobacconist

In her book(let) “I Also Remember“, Edith Searson refers to this shop as Jolly’s Tobacconist. She notes that it was a well-established business that was later taken on by Tom Smith, assisted by his wife. Their son Jack and his wife Kay kept it on until they retired. I assume that Jack and Kay were the John and Kathleen Smith living at number 43 in 1939, It then became a jewellery business under the Smiths of Sutton. At the time she was writing, the premises were occupied by Mr Morris as a pet shop.

This photo is from a postcard. The photo also appears in “Kirkby A People’s History” published by Kirkby Volunteer Centre (p17). The main focus in on Wightman’s at 37 Station Street. But, on the original postcard, with magnification, it is possible to make out that the name of the shop next door is W F Jolly.

William Frederick Jolly

William Frederick Jolly was a tobacconist between at least 1891 and 1921. He lived in Mansfield. He was born in 1862 and he died on 2 March 1924. I am not entirely sure when he had his business in Station Street. But, based on electoral registers, it may have been around 1923. However, that register does not record the house number but the entry appears to relate to 45 Station Street. Prior to this, he appears to have had a number of businesses in Mansfield.

Smiths Jewellers

In a discussion on Kirkby Living Memory Facebook Group, a number of contributors recalled this jeweller, including David Meredith. Roberta Knight remembered buying many pairs of earrings, necklaces and watches from there. She also got her eternity ring there. Helen Potter noted buying several items from them including an amethyst and diamond pendant which she still wears. Christine Evans did not recall buying jewellery there but she noted that, “I went in often to browse as I had a crush on the owner’s son who worked there!”

Bet-Bet Phillips recalled that there had been a jeweller there but she did not recall the name as she did not use it. She knew Smith’s jewellers in Sutton. She recalled that Phillip Smith played football for Bentinck Methodists before doing his national service in 1950.

This photo from the 1980s shows Smiths of Sutton Jewellers next to the bank. It is from Kirkby-in-Ashfield People Facebook Group
This photo from the Annesley OC Heritage Extra Facebook page, dated to 2001, shows the edge of a jeweller’s shop at 43 Station Street

Residents of 43 Station Street

The Smiths

In 1939, John and Kathleen G Smith were living at number 43. He was described as a colliery electrician and she was described as a tobacconist and confectioner. In 1921, there was no-one listed at 43 Station Street.

The Wilsons

In 1911, John H and Betsy H Wilson were living at 43 Station Street. They had a servant Ada Piggott (b1894) with them. John is listed as a colliery bank contractor and Betsy as a tobacconist. In 1901, they were also living there although Betsy’s name is given as Bessy Ann. He was listed as a colliery banksman. Living with them was their niece, Sarah Ann Greaves. In 1891, they were listed as living in Station Street. Her name was given as Betsy A. His occupation was tobacconist. John Hodgkinson Wilson was listed in the 1898 Kelly’s Directory. He was born in 1860 and died in 1938.

Extract from 1898 Kelly’s Directory

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