20. The Musician

Continued Interest in Music

Grandad continued his interest in music during this period and his experimentation with different musical instruments.

How to Get a Piano Upstairs

Perhaps one of the most dramatic incidents occurred in 1937 when he wanted to get a piano into the accommodation at the back of the Station Street shop. But, it would not fit through the door and up the stairs. So, he paid Armstrongs £1 to get the piano into the premises through an upstairs window (see photo)!!!

Bringing a piano through the upstairs window of the Station Street shop in August 1937. I have not yet found any details about Armstrong Brothers.

Music and Musical Instruments

Much of the music he listened to, and the musical performances he attended, were church-related. This included cantatas, organ recitals and performances of “Elijah” and “The Messiah”. But, he also attended musical performances beyond church when he was able including by bands, such as Foden’s Band and the Black Dyke Band, and male voice choirs. Sometimes he heard musicians at Kings. Musical instruments he tried during this period included a concertina, a Chella-phone, a clarinet, a flute, a flageolet, a violin, a mandolin and a piccolo (for items he purchased see Chapter 27).

Mum Shares Grandad’s Interest in Music

Mum certainly followed in his footsteps in terms of enjoying watching and participating in musical performances. In October 1938, when she had just turned four, grandad noted that mum took part in a concert at chapel.