The Early Seventies (1970-1974)

Grandad’s Diary Only

During this period, mum did not keep a diary. She only resumed in 1975. This means that, in the early seventies, we are reliant on grandad’s diary only.

Mum and Dad Split Up

In June 1973, mum and dad decided to split up. Grandad noted this but very much from mum’s perspective. After they split, he did not refer to dad by name again.

Grandad Has Surgery

Grandad had prostate surgery in 1974 but never really recovered and ended up having to have an indwelling catheter. There were other illnesses during this period and a number of deaths including of my other grandfather, Charles Arthur Drew.


There were a few weddings during this period. For example, grandma’s brother Ray Cirket remarried.

Waverley and College Road

At the end of 1970, we moved from Middletons Lane in Hellesdon to Waverley Road in Norwich. In 1973, after mum and dad had split up, we moved from Waverley Road to College Road.


Although grandad’s diaries don’t say much about the schools we attended, there are lots of other sources of information. I started off this period at Kinsale Avenue school in Hellesdon before going to Colman Road Junior for a few months. I attended Hewett School from 1971 to 1978.

Money Matters

Although grandad had now retired, there was quite a lot in his diary about money matters including investments and pensions. There was a little about dad’s work at the Norwich Union but this was not something on which grandad focused.

Mum’s Work in the Early 1970s

Again grandad’s diaries are not the best source of information about mum’s work but I have found information from various other sources including mum’s CV. She did typing and duplicating from home and briefly ran a business in St Gregory’s Alley with Robin Harrison. Later, she had some paid work including caring for a sick/elderly lady, working for a doctors’ surgery and doing office work for the Chairman of the Methodist District.

Entertainment in the Early 1970s

There is an extensive chapter covering entertainment in the early 1970s including birthdays, Christmas, trips out and holidays. During this period, we usually went to grandma and grandad’s for tea on Sundays and there is quite a lot about this.

Methodism in the Early 1970s

There is another extensive chapter covering mum’s and grandma’s involvement in Methodism in the early 1970s.

Items Purchased in the Early 1970s

There is quite a lot of detail about items purchased in the early 1970s including the shops from which these items were bought.

Grandad is More Limited in His Practical Work

Although grandad was actively involved in practical tasks, his involvement was less than in previous times, particularly towards the end of this period, because of failing health.

Transport in the Early 1970s

Details of transport in the early 1970s include the car we owned and the use of other forms of transport, particularly bus.

Technology in the Early 1970s

Technologies of the early 1970s highlighted include colour TV and stereo.

External Events of the Early 1970s

Extensive chapter covering global, national and local news events of the early 1970s.