37 Station Street

Hungrilla Gourmet Grill

In August 2023, 37 Station Street was vacant. There was a sign announcing that Hungrilla Gourmet Grill was “coming soon“. This was reported in an article on NottinghamshireLive in May 2023. According to their Instagram account, Hungrilla now have branches in Nottingham, Mansfield and Kirkby-in-Ashfield. I am grateful to a number of local people for confirming that Hungrilla is now open. In a comment on Kirkby-in-Ashfield People Facebook Group, David Collinge commented that it opened in October 2023. Jane Phillips noted that Hungrilla offered both eat-in and takeaway options but, as of early November 2023, was only able to accept cash.

37 Station Street in August 2023

From March 2022 to April 2023, the building looked empty and the “To Let” sign was in place.

Lloyds Bank

From June 2015 to June 2021, it housed Lloyds Bank. Before that it was Lloyds TSB and before that TSB.

This photo from Annesley OC Heritage Extra Facebook page is from March 2020 and shows 37 Station Street when Lloyds Bank was there
This photo is also from Annesley OC Heritage Extra Facebook page and shows a view along Station Street past Lloyds Bank at number 37
This photo was reportedly taken just after the “auto spares shop” closed. There is said to be a closing-down sale sign in the window. The photo was posted by Alwyn Bowskill on Kirkby Living Memory Facebook Group and is used with his permission. It shows the bank when it was TSB. Wilbourn Garden Centre is on the extreme left.
This photo from the 1980s shows the bank as TSB and Smiths of Sutton Jewellers. It is from Kirkby-in-Ashfield People Facebook Group
View of Station Street showing Trustee Savings Bank and the edge of Motorist Discount Centre at 49-51 Station Street. I cannot quite make out the names of other shops apart from Mike Abbott’s clothes shop at number 47. There is a dental surgery on this side of the road and, from comments, this might be Bell’s Dentist. This photo was posted by Anne Orwin on Kirkby-inAshfield People Facebook Group in February 2014 and is used here with permission. The exact date is not known but thought to be late seventies/early eighties
Picture looking along Station Street to Newcombe’s with Trustee Savings Bank on the left. This photo appears on Annesley OC Heritage Extra Facebook page
Back of the bank building in 2018 after a car rammed into the building. Photo from Annesley OC Heritage Extra Facebook page

Leonard Morris

In 1941 and 1942, Leonard Morris was at 37 Station Street, a picture frame maker, although the current building has a modern look to it.

Entry in 1941 Kelly’s Directory

W H Wightman

In 1928, W H Wightman had a jewellers here. Wightman Jewellers are listed on Jacques’ List of Station Street retailers circa 1920-1940.

Entry in 1928 Kelly’s Directory. It seems Wightman’s were also motor cycle agents at 41 Station Street

Standard Gramophone Company

Jacques’ list also gives these premises as the location of Standard Gramophone Company before they moved further along Station Street.

Record sleeves from the Standard Gramophone Company which clearly show they had two separate locations in Station Street, number 19 and number 37. I am grateful to Alwyn Bowskill for directing me to this material posted by John Turner on Kirkby Living Memory Facebook Group


Edith Searson, in her book(let) “I Also Remember“, remembered Wightman’s on the corner of Ellis Street. She noted that it later became the Trustee Bank, presumably prior to becoming Lloyds TSB and then Lloyds.

In the 1899 Kelly’s Directory, William Wightman is listed as a watchmaker and running the Post Office.

Silver pocket watch dated 1909 from W H Wightman

W H Wightman was a jeweller who applied to Kirkby Tribunal for an exemption to military service. When he was asked if his work was of national importance, he replied that people needed to be able to tell the time!

Based on photographs and adverts from the time, it seems that Wightman’s were much more than just watchmakers and jewellers. Not only did they run the Post Office, but they also offered an optician’s service. They sold bikes, motor bikes and cars. They occupied 37-41 Station Street at some point, including, for example, in 1921.

Photographs of Wightman’s

This photo appears to come from a postcard and was kindly given to me by Helen Jay. Helen noted that it shows Newcombe’s, Station Street a long time ago. If I have got my bearings correct, the featured shop, Wightman’s was on the corner of Ellis Street and Newcombe’s is in the distance on the left with Four Lane Ends and the roof of the Diamond Avenue Wesleyan Chapel visible beyond that. A very similar photograph appears in David Ottewell’s book “Kirkby-in-Ashfield and Annesley on Old Picture Postcards” (#32). That version clearly shows that Wightman’s shop was also East Kirkby Post Office, a point on which David Ottewell remarks
The same picture from a postcard that I have. Closer examination of this shows that there is a mural of a pocket watch with the words “time works“. There are also signs advertising an optician and Raleigh cycles. Next door, the tobacconist is J H Wilson, who I have not encountered previously. There is also a notice for Mitchell’s prize crop cigarettes in the window.

This photo shows a similar view but from a different postcard. The photo also appears in “Kirkby A People’s History” published by Kirkby Volunteer Centre (p17). On the original postcard, it is possible to make out that the writing at the top says “W H Wightman Watches W H Wightman Motors“. The rectangular sign says “Genuine 22 Ct Gold Wedding Rings“. Lower signs declare that they sell watches, clocks and jewellery. There is an advert in the window for Ingersoll watches and clocks and a sign which says Speedwell. It is also possible to make out that the name of the shop next door is W F Jolly.
Photo of a painting by M J Atherton based on an old photo of this part of Station Street. I am grateful to his wife, Lesley Atherton, for permission to include it here

The Wightmans

I have come across two William Henry Wightmans. William Henry Wightman (senior) was born in 1857. I assume he is the one referred to in the 1899 Kelly’s Director. One of his sons (b1880) was also William Henry. I assume he was the one who applied to Kirkby Tribunal for an exemption to military service in the first world war. The senior William Henry’s other children included Annie (b1882), Kate (b1884), Alma (b1896) and Emma (b1889). I think he married twice. These children were with his first wife, Emma Wharmsby, who he married in 1877. She appears to have died in 1891. He remarried, to Elizabeth Bailey, in 1893. He appears to have died in 1915.

Connection to James Wightman?

Wightmans was a butchers on the corner of Diamond Avenue and Kingsway at, or close to, the location where the Regent cinema was built. This was originally the business of James Wightman. I have not yet estanlished whether James Wightman and William Henry Wightman were related.

Residents of 37 Station Street

The Salmons

In 1939, Arthur and Muriel Salmon were registered as living there. He was a furniture dealer and was also part of the Nottingham Police Force War Reserve. There is also one closed record. In 1921, no-one was recorded as living at number 37.

The Wightmans

In 1911, William Henry and Elizabeth Wightman were living there with their two step-children Alice Emily Bailey (b1889) and Helen S Bailey (b1893). He was described as a retail shopkeeper (transcribed as shopbearer) watches and jewellery. There is also a note that he was the sub-postmaster. Both Alice and Helen are described as assistants in the Post Office.

William Henry and Elizabeth Wightman were also living at number 37 in 1901. He was described as sub postmaster and jeweller. Living with them were four of his children, William Henry, Annie, Katie and Emma. William Henry was described as a watch and clock repairer, Annie as a clerk in the Post Office and Kate as a domestic servant. Also with them were three of her children, Alice Bailey, James Toon Bailey (b1887) and Nellie Bailey (b1893). It is worth noting that the Post Office was later at 48 Station Street. This was run by James Toon Bailey.

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