22. Grandma and Grandad Start a Family

Mum is Born

Mum was grandma and grandad’s only child.  In February of 1934, when grandma would have been two months pregnant, grandad noted that she had been examined by Dr Waller but did not explain why! In June, when she would have been six months pregnant, he noted that she had a new dress and coat but, again, did not proffer any explanation! Two months later, in August, grandma went to stay with her parents, at the house, called Elstow, at 96 Welbeck Street which is where mum was born at 2.20pm on 15 September 1934.

Mum at three months
Mum’s birth certificate

Having a Baby 1930s-style

Having a baby then was very different than it is now. There was a very strong focus on the woman who had just given birth resting in bed. This period of “lying in” could be anything from two weeks to two months. During this period, there was an expectation that female relatives would care for the woman and the child and there was less emphasis placed on the importance of bonding between the mother and her child in the immediate period following delivery. This may explain why grandma was kept in bed for two weeks and why Olive, grandad’s sister, looked after mum for ten days while grandma was still at her parents. These practices seems strange now but they were the norm then.

Allenbury Double-ended Bottle

Mum was fed with something called an Allenburys, a double-ended bottle, which was marketed as a clean and easy way of feeding a child.

Allenburys double-ended feeder with instructions for use (below). Initially, I was not convinced that the black “teats” pictured belong with the bottle as they did not seem to fit but I now think the “teat” on the left is the teat and the one on the right is the valve. I think the reason they don’t appear to fit is that they have hardened with age. It may be that they don’t match the instructions as they refer to a transparent teat and valve and the ones pictured are black.

Registration and Christening

As can be seen from mum’s birth certificate, her birth was registered on 24 October and she was christened/baptised a few days later on 4 November.

Mum’s baptismal certificate

Mum as a Child

Mum had some photographs taken of her in December 1934 when she was almost three months old. It is possible that the first photograph in this chapter is one of those photographs. Of course, multiple other photos were taken and a selection of early photos of mum are included in this chapter.  According to grandad’s diary, mum cut her first tooth in March 1935 when she would have been six months old and walked for the first time on 20 August 1935 when she was just over 11 months old.

Mum and grandma at the back of the shop in Station Street
Photo of mum at the back of the shop in Station Street
Mum and grandma at Trent Bridge in Nottingham
Mum and grandma
Photo of mum and grandma
Mum in the window at Station Street
Mum thought this photo of her was taken outside Cyril Parkin’s shop in Ruddington
Photo of grandad and mum outside “Delapre” which was where Tom and Annie Holmes lived at 98 Welbeck Street. Oddly, mum has written on the back “don’t know the man

Birthdays and Goldfish

At the end of this period, mum would have been four years old. She celebrated her first two birthdays at grandma’s parents’ house, Elstow, where she had been born. The family visited grandma’s parents frequently, having tea there most Sundays. Grandad noted that, in June 1938, he and grandma bought mum two goldfish. As might be expected, grandad noted that they were 4d each. However, in August, disaster struck! Overnight, one of the goldfish jumped out of the bowl. In the morning, the family found it on the rug and they thought it was dead. However, they put it back in the bowl and it was fine “apparently… none the worse” for the experience!!!

Mum with her teddy
Teddy in 2020
Tricia with Teddy in 1959
Mum with teddy and “friends” in the 1930s

Kenneth and Peter Cirket

Grandma and grandad were not the only family members to have a single child. Both grandma’s brothers (Ray and Bert) and their wives (Winnie and Doris) only had one child. Kenneth Charles was born to Winnie and Ray on 28 December 1930 so was almost four years older than mum. Peter Edward Thomas was born to Doris and Bert on 22 April 1933 so was almost two years older than mum. There are a number of pictures of the three cousins and some are included here.

Peter and mum – also the image below
Mum, Peter and Kenneth