I have found it helpful to keep alphabetic lists of various things, some brief descriptions of what or who they are and where they are mentioned in the notes on the diaries. I did this when I found myself describing the same person or place twice and/or when I found I had forgotten who someone was. These ‘things’ include:​

I also came across references to the Methodist conference taking place in various cities including Nottingham. I tried to find a list of where the annual conferences have been held but have not found such a list. Therefore, I have compiled a list as best as I am able. This dates from 1932 to 2022 but I have not yet established where the conference was held in 2007. 

​My grandfather worked in Station Street for most of his working life. According to the 1911 census, the Parkin family were occupying numbers 70, 72, 74 and 76 Station Street. When his diary starts, in 1914, he was working in his father’s shoe workshop there. Later, he became the owner of the shoe business and ran it until he retired in the late 1950s. The Parkin family lived there from when my mum was born in 1934 until 1951 and mum and dad also lived there briefly after they were married in 1956. Both mum’s and grandad’s diaries talk about people and places in Station Street and I have been gradually building up a picture of what it was like “then” and what it is like “now”.

Initially, I documented an imaginary walk up and down Station Street both “then” (circa world war 2) and “now” (2021). This became the most visited page on the website apart from the home page. So, when I came across a video documenting a similar imaginary walk in Norwich, I thought I could do the same here. and managed to do four such videos. Then, in August 2023, I visited Kirkby. I did a real-life walk up and down Station Street and also obtained more material. So, I have completely re-done the page as a walk up and down Station Street. I have kept the original imaginary page as an archive as I have not yet done any updated narrated photos as videos. These also appear on a dedicated page. I also saw a suggestion that we have descriptions of each building on Station Street. So, as the walk was organised in that way, I have set these up.