50. Family Illnesses

Coughs and Colds

During this period, there were the usual coughs and colds. Indeed, mum seemed to get such colds very frequently, up to five to six times per year. On one occasion, in March 1950, she blamed having a cold on being forced to play hockey in the “pouring rain”. Sometimes such illnesses kept her in but sometimes, for example in February 1951, when she was still off college she resumed social and chapel activities. I find such occurrences surprising as I am pretty sure she would never have allowed us to do this! In April 1952, because of a prolonged “chill”, she went for an X-ray at Ransom Sanatorium (see box ).

Ransom Sanatorium was a TB sanatorium near Mansfield. It opened in 1902 and, in 1909, was named after Dr William Branwell Ransom. It operated as a hospital until 1987 and, in 1990, the buildings were sold. Mum was told that the X-ray was clear with no signs of TB but she was also advised by Dr Waller to go to the sea.

Mum has an Episode of Vomiting with Blood

In November 1954, mum was admitted to Mansfield General Hospital (see box ) having vomited and noticing some blood in it. Grandad referred to it as a “stomach emerage”! She was in hospital for three days despite feeling well and wanting to come home. She came out on the 8th and grandma and Rev Howells, the minister at Bourne chapel, picked her up. Both Dr Waller and Dr Rutter came to visit her that day. Over the next few days, she convalesced at home and had a number of visitors including dad, Edna Bust, Margaret Varnam, Mrs Shipman, Ken and Pearl Hodges, Mrs Deakin and Irene and David Hill. On the 19th, Dr Rutter visited and said she should have another week off work. She resumed church and social activities and then developed a cold.

Mansfield General Hospital was built in 1890 but closed in 1992 and was demolished in 2013.  
Inside Mansfield General Hospital in 2011 after it closed and before it was demolished © True British Metal and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Grandma and Grandad are Both Unwell

In June, July and August 1954, both grandma and grandad were quite unwell.

Grandad Had Pyelitis

It started at the end of May when grandad had flu-like symptoms. He was later diagnosed as having pyelitis. He was quite unwell and various people had to help out in the shop, including grandma, mum, Cyril, Ken and Pearl Hodges and Phyllis Attwood.

Grandma Had Surgery for an Ovarian Cyst

At the beginning of August that year, grandma was also unwell with a pain in her side. This turned out to be due to an ovarian cyst and she had surgery at King’s Mill Hospital (see box) on 7 August. Grandma was in hospital for ten days and was visited by a number of family members and friends including mum, dad, Auntie Bertha, Uncle Frank, Renie, Irene Hill, Jack and Phyllis Attwood, Edie, Bert and Marilyn.

King’s Mill Hospital is located between Sutton in Ashfield and Mansfield. It opened as a military hospital in 1942. It was officially opened in 1951 and the Dukeries Maternity Centre was opened in 1975. New facilities were procured in 2005 and opened in 2011.
King’s Mill Hospital in 2014 © Lee Wyatt and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

Other Illnesses

Various other people had illnesses during this period including Brenda Scothern and Ken Roome who both had appendicitis. In Ken’s case, this illness meant that he and Margaret Varnam were unable to go on holiday with mum and dad to Yarmouth as had been planned.