41. Following in Musical Footsteps

Musical Instruments

Grandad continued to try out and buy new musical instruments.


Grandad had previously been given a flute by his brother Jim in 1922 (see Chapter 1). He had tried playing the flute in the inter-war years (see Chapter 20). However, in May 1947, he tried unsuccessfully to buy a flute in Nottingham. He therefore ordered one from Boosey and Hawkes in London for £9 10 0. However, three weeks later, grandma and Olive managed to get him one from Linwood (see box) at Eastwood for £5. Grandad then returned the flute to Boosey and Hawkes. The next month, he was pleased as he managed to sound a “low C” on the flute.

While I initially struggled to find any details of Linwood, I did get helpful responses when I posted a question on the Nottingham Memories Facebook group. It seems it was located at 95 Nottingham Road where Eastwood Town Fish Bar is now. It seems it was opened by Arthur Linwood as early as the 1880s. There are more details on Eastwood and Kimberley Bygones including photos of record sleeves and one photograph which includes the shop. I also found details of Arthur Linwood a music dealer, on Nottingham Road, in the Kelly’s Directories for 1928 and 1941.
Boosey and Hawkes advert © Bradford Timeline and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence


He continued to play the clarinet which he had bought during the war (see Chapter 31). In November 1948, noted that he had a new way of “fingering” for the clarinet.

Grandad playing the clarinet in 1949

Mum followed in grandad’s footsteps

All her life, mum enjoyed listening to and taking part in musical performances. In this regard, she followed in grandad’s footsteps.

Musical Performances

During this period, a large number of the musical performances they attended were at chapel (see Chapter 38). However, mum also sometimes went to musical performances outside chapel. These included a music festival in Sutton with Hazel Munns, a concert in Bentinck with Joan Storer and to hear “Merrie England” in Sutton.

Music Lessons

In May 1946, mum started music lessons. She continued these regularly on a Tuesday afternoon during this period. In October 1948, she noted getting a new piece “In a Monastery Garden”. Mum does not explain why she was practicing this piece. However, Edith Searson, in her book(let) “I Remember” noted this as one of the pieces performed at Sunday School Anniversaries.

Music for “In a Monastery Garden

Music Examinations

Both mum and some of her friends sat music exams. For example, Hazel Munns went for a music exam in March 1946.

Contributing to Music at Chapel

In terms of performing, many of mum’s musical performances during this period were in chapel. These included playing piano at Sunday School and singing in the choir.