45 Station Street

Gentz Cut

Now, at number 45 is Gentz Cut barbers. It has been Gentz Cut since at least April 2017. However, from June 2015 to May 2016, the property appears to have been empty and there was a “Shop To Let” sign on it.

45 Station Street in August 2023
Photo of Station Street which shows Gentz Cut at 45 Station Street. Photo was posted on Annesley OC Heritage Extra Facebook page in March 2020

Ian Osborne’s Newsagents

From October 2008 to April 2011, it was a newsagent called Ian Osborne. Apparently, Ian Osborne ran the shop for 30 years until his sudden death in 2014. In a comment on Kirkby-in-Ashfield People Facebook Group, Kerry Ackroyd recalled “my chats with Ian when I used to work at the dentist“.

This photo is from the Annesley OC Heritage Extra Facebook page. It is dated from 2001 and shows a newsagent at 45 Station Street

Smith’s Newsagent

In 1941 and 1942, number 45 was occupied by Mrs Edith Smith, a newsagent.

Entry in 1941 Kelly’s Directory

Fred Wood

In 1928, the newsagent at number 45 was Fred Wood. Wood Newsagent also appears on Jacques’ List of Station Street retailers circa 1920-1940.

Memories of Wood’s Newsagents

In her book(let) “I Also Remember“, Edith Searson refers to this as Mr Wood’s Newsagents shop. She noted that it was busy and that his daughter helped him in the shop when required. She noted that it was then taken over by Albert and Esther Bradley.

The Woods

In the 1921 census, Fred and Annie Wood were living at 110 Diamond Avenue but he had a shop at 45 Station Street. Interestingly, he was listed as a hardware dealer. They were living with their daughter Gladys Annie (b1890). Of interest, while both parents were born in Nottinghamshire, Gladys was born in Schenectady, New York so presumably they were there for a while.

The Bradleys

I am grateful to Lynne West for commenting on Kirkby Living Memory Facebook Group that her uncle and aunt, Albert and Esther Bradley ran the newsagents on Station Street next door to Edgar Coates men’s outfitters. She noted that they were in business from the thirties through to the fifties. She recalls that, “my brother and I remember visiting them at the back of the shop, my brother remembers them having a television before we did!” She also noted that, when they retired, Roy Purdy took over the business.

It seems Albert Edmund Bradley married Esther Buxton in 1938. In 1939, Albert and Esther were living at Rycroft in Seagrave Avenue which is listed as being in Kirkby-on-Ashfield and which appears to be in Annesley. Albert was listed as a colliery blacksmith striker at Kirkby Colliery. He had been born in July 1909. In 1921, he was living at 17 Kingsway with his parents Abraham and Florence and six siblings, Doris (b1901), Eva (b1902), Millicent (b1905), John Rox (b1914), Marjorie (b1916) and Sadie (b1919). Abraham was listed as Colliery Head Banksman Landing Coal Pit Top. Two of Albert’s sisters, Eva and Millicent were blouse hands at C S Wardle and Sons. Eva was described as a finisher and Millicent as a folder. It appears that Albert died in 1978.


By 1969, Purdy’s were selling greeting cards at number 45. Edith Searson refers to them as Roy and Maureen Purdy. In a comment on Kirkby Living Memory Facebook Group, Geoffrey Whetton implies that Ron Purdy may have operated a number of shops. This appears to be confirmed by their 1969 advert which also mentions a branch on Kingsway. When the Purdys retired, the business was taken on by Ian and Jean Osborne who are referred to above.

Advert for Purdy’s in 1969 directory 

In a comment on Kirkby-in-Ashfield People Facebook Group, Bobby ‘Moore’ Buxton recalled it being Purdy’s and noted that “they also had the big one on Kingsway just past the church“. Trevor Ord noted that he had started his working life there as a “paperboy“. He used to deliver on “Bourne, Bev & Ascot“. He noted that this was 44 years ago which would be around 1979. Tina Stead noted having her first paper round at this shop.

Residents of 45 Station Street

The Smiths

According to the 1939 Register, John C and Edith Smith were living at number 45 with their son John G Smith (b1932). John C was described as a civil servant in the Ministry of Labour and Edith was described as a stationer and newsagent. Living with them was Joseph Godfrey who was described as a widower and an incapacitated coal miner. I wondered if Joseph Godfrey might be Edith Smith’s father and confirmed that John C Smith married Edith Godfrey in Basford in 1931.

1911 and 1921 Census

There were no entries for 45 Station Street in either the 1911 or 1921 census.

William Townsend

In 1901, William Townsend was living at 45 Station Street with his widowed mother, Rebecca Thorp. He was described as a sub-office postman and she was described as a stationer. William Townsend is listed as a stationer in the 1898 Kelly’s Directory.

Entry in 1898 Kelly’s Directory

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