61. Mum’s Work

Kirkby Cooperative Manufacturing (KCM)

At the start of this period, mum was working for Kirkby Cooperative Manufacturing (KCM). She started there in October 1953 (see Chapter 55). In January 1955, she worked four hours overtime. She stayed an hour late, until 6pm, on a number of occasions. For this, she received 13 shillings. She noted this was four hours at 3/3 per hour. She also noted that this was time and a half. In March 1955, she noted that she stayed late, to 5.45pm, to pay dividends. However, she did not note if she was paid overtime for this.

Advert in Kirkby-in-Ashfield directory 1969

Others Who Worked at KCM

In April 1955, mum noted that another Sheila, from Nottingham, came to help her. That same month, mum noted that Marion Longden started working as her junior.

Working Part-time at KCM and Part-time at Grandad’s Shop

In May 1955, when grandad was ill (see Chapter 65), mum arranged to work at KCM until 3pm after which she went to the shop to help out.

Quiet and Busy Times at KCM

In June 1955, she noted that she, and then Marion, had half days as there was “no work”. By July, it seems things were busier again as she noted working an hour’s overtime five times that month.

Time Off for Her Driving Test

She also noted that month that Mr Seabrook gave her time off for her to take her driving test (see Chapter 63).

Working in the Office When the Factory Was Closed

On 3 August 1955, mum noted that the factory was closed and that there were only five staff in. Mr Seabrook was away all that day and the next two days. She worked late one day in September (until 6.35pm) but did not explain why.

Leaving KCM

On 9 November 1955, presumably because of grandad’s continued ill-health, mum decided to give up working at KCM to go and work at the shop. On the 21st, she noted that her friend Margaret Bostock had started to work at KCM. She also noted that “Mr Seabrook told me to go & see him before I got another job”.