14. Brothers and Sisters

There were a number of significant developments for grandad’s brothers and sisters, and their families during this period.

James Henry Parkin

Of course, based on the newspaper article at the time of grandad’s mother’s death (see Chapter 1), there was an older brother, living in Canada, James Henry Parkin. He is not mentioned at all during this period. However, it seems that grandad was in touch with him (and/or his family) during this period as he received a card from Gordon, James’ son, at the end of 1929 (see Chapter 1).

John Leonard Parkin

Grandad’s brother, Len, appears at various points in these years of the diaries although it is not always clear if grandad was referring to his brother or his nephew who was also called Leonard. Grandad’s brother, Len, appears to have been a partner in the business with Cyril and grandad from 1920 although he may have operated somewhat independently from them. It is noted that he moved (“flitted”) in March 1920. Ethel, his wife, also appears in the diaries over this time although relatively infrequently. This may be, in part, because they moved to Ollerton, near Newark, in 1924 (see Chapter 24).

Thomas Cyril Parkin

Another of Grandad’s brothers, Cyril, had married Minnie (Robinson) on 2 July 1915, They had a child, Basil on 30 August 1919. In 1933, Minnie bought a business in Ruddington and Cyril left the family business he was running with grandad (see Chapter 13). However, the respective families continued to meet up periodically.

Alice Olive Parkin (married name Smith)

Grandad’s oldest sister, Olive, and her husband, John, appear frequently in the diaries over this period. Their son, Leonard, introduced grandad to his future wife, Dolly, in July 1935 when Leonard brought her for tea at grandma and grandad’s with his parents. Len and Dolly were married in February 1937.

Eva Emma Parkin (married names Dovey and Evans)

Grandad’s other sister, Eva, married Arthur Evans on 22 May 1920. Eva already had a daughter, Olive, from her earlier marriage to Joe (see Chapter 10). On 7 August 1921, a son, Roy, was born to Arthur and Eva. The Evans family feature prominently in the diaries throughout this period.

Olive – grandad’s sister
Eva, grandad’s sister with husband, Arthur Evans