105. Mum’s Work in the Early 1970s

Grandad’s Diary and Other Sources

During this period, only grandad was keeping a diary and he made very little reference to mum’s work. So, there is much less about this than there is in subsequent periods, e.g. from 1975. Other sources of information are mum’s 1993 CV and my own recollections.

Details of mum’s employment history from her 1993 CV

A Duplicating Business from Home

According to mum’s CV, she continued to run her own duplicating/typing business from home during this period as she had during the late sixties (see Chapter 91).

Starlight Art Gallery and Office Services

However, what mum does not mention but I recall, is that she ran this business, at least for a short period, from offices on St Gregory’s Alley. I believe this was a joint venture of some kind with Robin Harrison. It was called Starlight Art Gallery and Office Services. The premises they had consisted of an upstairs property that had two storeys. Mum had an office on the first floor and Robin had a gallery, presumably of his paintings, on the second.

There is Little Documentary Evidence of this Company

However, I have struggled to find documentary evidence of this business. There does not appear to be any entry for it in the Kelly’s Tradefinder for either 1970-71 or 1971-72. Nor did I find anything in a search of local newspapers of the time. However, I did find an entry for the business in the 1971 telephone directory. This confirmed that the business was housed at 7 St Gregory’s Alley. This is above 6A which is currently occupied by Bang, a hairdressers.

Extract from the 1971 telephone directory obtained from Ancestry showing entry for Starlight Art Gallery and Office Services

A Short-Lived Venture

From memory, this venture was fairly short-lived. This may be confirmed by my finding only one telephone directory entry. My suspicion is that the art gallery did not make much money. The office services business might have generated something when operated from home but probably not enough to merit specific premises.

Grandad Referred Indirectly to These Premises

Grandad referred indirectly to these premises. For example, in April 1971, he noted that grandma was in Norwich and called at mum’s office. Similarly, in July that year, grandma and Alan went into Norwich. Grandma went to a meeting and Alan went to mum’s office. In March 1972, grandad noted that grandma had dinner in Norwich at mum’s office.

Grandad Supported Mum’s Work Practically and Financially

Grandad also noted, in October 1972, making a table for mum to hold a printing machine she had bought. Also, in July 1974, he noted giving mum a cheque for £327.90 to buy a new typewriter.

Pauline Tilsley

Mum’s CV also noted that, from 1973 to 1974, she cared for a sick/elderly lady two days per week. From memory, I believed she was called something like Tillsley and she lived in Lime Tree Road, on the right as you walked down from Ipswich Road, towards that end. From the 1974 phone book, I confirmed that there was a G G Tilsley living at 24 Lime Tree Road. I found out from a search on Find My Past that his name was Gordon Greenway Tilsley. I understand that he was Norwich’s Town Clerk. He was born in Wolverhampton in 1917 and  died aged 96 in 2014. It seems he may have married Pauline Muriel Anderson in 1946. She was born in 1917 and worked as a school teacher. She died in Norwich in 1982.

Lime Tree Road in Norwich © N Chadwick and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence

24 Lime Tree Road

I recall the location of the house as I sometimes called there on my way back from school to get a lift home from mum. We were living in College Road at the time and I was around 13-14. I remember on one occasion calling there on a day mum was not there because I had a problem with my bike, like a puncture, and wanted to phone mum. I recall that mum was absolutely furious that I had done that but I am still not absolutely sure why!

Grandad Noted That Mum Worked Part-Time

In December 1973, grandad noted that mum was working on Thursdays and Fridays. I assume this might relate to the work she did for Mrs Tilsley.

Dr Downes and Dr Day

Again according to her CV, from 1974, mum worked part-time for the GPs Dr Downes and Dr Day. From the phone directory, I found that their surgery was at 38 Unthank Road and I recall these premises which are close to the Roman Catholic cathedral.

Rev G T Eddy

From 1973, mum also worked part-time for the Chairman of the Methodist District Rev G T Eddy.