39-41 Station Street

39-41 Station Street

I can’t see 39 or 41 and it may be that these were absorbed into 37 when and if a new building was constructed. But, no shops are listed for 39 or 41 in 1942 either and no-one was recorded as living there in 1939. In 1928, W H Wightman was listed as a motorcycle agent at number 41. There are also multiple adverts, e.g. in 1921, which indicate that Wightman’s occupied 37-41 Station Street.

Entry in Kelly’s Directory 1928

Of interest, Jacques’ List of Station Street retailers circa 1920-1940 lists Musson Fish and Chips and Morris Fretwork as located between Wightman’s Jewellers and Smith’s Tobacconists. I have not come across either of these businesses before.

Musson Fish and Chips

I have struggled to find any details of this business. I did find entries for a Frederick Musson, described as a fried fish dealer in both Marlborough Road and Hodgkinson Road in the 1941 Kelly’s Directory but nothing related to Station Street.

Morris Fretwork

Similarly, I have struggled to find any details of this business. However, according to the 1941 Kelly’s Directory, Leonard Morris was a picture frame maker at 37 Station Street. Could that conceivably have been described as fretwork? If so, it should really have been in the same slot as Wightman Jewellers. But, it is possible.

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