25 Station Street

Triple 7 Bar and Kitchen

The Triple 7 Bar and Kitchen, an Eastern European Restaurant, has been at 25 Station Street since at least March 2019. Before that, from October 2008 to July 2018, it was Georgie Porgie’s tea and coffee shop.

23-27 Station Street in August 2023
This photo appears on Annesley OC Heritage Extra and is included here with permission. It was taken in May 2022 from Floral Expressions, the former electrical shop of Mr Kalancyz. On each side of Triple 7 are the Vape Shop and Challans

Elizabeth Geeson

In 1941 and 1942, at number 25 was Mrs Elizabeth Geeson, a ladies’ hairdresser.

Entry from 1941 Kelly’s Directory

Other Hairdressers

I am grateful to contributors on Kirkby Living Memory Facebook Group, for pointing out that 25 Station Street has been home to a number of hairdressers over the years.


Rachel Lester recalled “a lady called Jackie having the hairdressers here , probably late 80s early 90s“.

Jill Redfern

Chris Redfern noted that his wife, Jill, had the salon in the late seventies and early eighties. He noted that “we also started our married life in the flat above the shop in 1976.” Christina Rowe recalled Chris and Jill living above the shop. Chris noted that premises were owned by a Mr Kirk who lived on Southwell Lane. Jane Burchell noted that she had earlier also lived in that flat. She noted, “The property actually belonged to Mr Kirk a bookie in old Kirkby when we married in 1971 we lived in the flat above until 1975 by which time it was Berenice“.

Photo of Jill Redfern outside her salon. I am grateful to Chris Redfern for posting this photo and for permission to include it here

Tony and Janet Pickard

Lynne West noted working here until 1978. At that time, the salon belonged to Tony and Janet Pickard who had another salon in Nottingham. Chris Redfern noted that his wife, Jill, took over the salon from Tony Pickard in the last seventies/early eighties. He noted that Tony was a top tennis coach and lived in Kimberley.


Lynne Orrell noted that it was Berenice at the time she worked there in 1972 as a “Saturday shampoo girl“. Lynne West noted that Berenice had previously been on Lowmoor Road before moving here.

Mrs Lester

Lynne West noted that before this property was occupied by Berenice, it was run by Mrs Lester. Jane Burchell noted her as Loris Lester and that she only had the shop for a “short while“.

Hilda Copeland

Lynne West noted that previous to Mrs Lester, it had been run by Hilda Copeland for many years. Jane Burchell recalled working for Hilda Copeland from 1966.

This advert is from a 1956 programme of Handel’s Messiah. It also appears on Annesley OC Heritage Extra Facebook page. On that page, the question is asked as to whether this was later Madam Mays. The same question came up in discussion on Kirkby Living Memory Facebook Page. However, Madam(e) May’s was at 70 Station Street.

Briggs Millinery

In 1928, milliners (Misses) K & F Briggs were at 25 Station Street. Briggs Millinery appears on Jacques’ List of Station Street retailers circa 1920-1940.

Residents of 25 Station Street

The Lowes

In 1939, George H E and Mary Lowe were at number 25. He was a colliery hewer.

The Rowes

In 1921, Benjamin Wilfred and Gertrude Alice Rowe lived at number 25. He was described as a clothier. He applied to Kirkby Tribunal for an exemption from military service during the first world war.

The Henfreys

Nelson Orson Henfrey was a painter and decorator. In 1901 and 1911, he was living at 25 Station Street but, by 1921, it appears that he had moved to 27 Station Street. However, it appears that buildings on Station Street may have been renumbered between 1911 and 1921. His wife was called Elizabeth and they had four sons, Harry (b1886), Arthur (b1888), Claude (b1889) and Percy (b1892). Harry and Arthur were both decorative painters. Claude was described as a photographer and picture frame maker/ Percy was described as a sanitary plumber.

In 1911, Nelson and Elizabeth’s granddaughter Olive (b1910) was living with them. In 1901, their nephew, Samuel Taylor (b1883) was with them. He was described as apprenticed to painting.

There was also a Nelson Orson Henfrey in Kirkby born in 1909. He was Nelson Orson Senior’s grandson, the son of Arthur Henfrey.

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