22 Station Street

2020 Vision

On the corner of Hodgkinson Road and Station Street, at 22 Station Street, is 2020 Vision who appear to be a housing and property management company. However, the shop looked empty in August 2023 and was available “To Let“. They seem to have moved three times since they were based there in May 2023. They had been based there since at least August 2021. Prior to that, New Style Barbers were there, in September 2020. However, from at least April 2011 to March 2019, Money Makers were there who said they were raising funds for St Thomas’ Church and other charities. In October 2008, it housed John Ashton Promotions Ltd. But, in August 2009, it was empty and available with all enquiries through David Blount. In the 1980s, Bottles off licence was at number 22

2020 Vision at 22 Station Street in August 2023. The shop looks empty and was available “To Let

Brown and Clarke Beer Retailers

Then” at number 22 was Edward C Brown, a beer retailer and, in 1928, there had also been a beer retailer there by the name of William Clarke who, according to Mark Ashfield in his book “Christmas Pigs and a Summer Donkey” (p23), was known as Cricketer Clarke. Clarke Beeroff appears on Jacques’ List of Station Street retailers circa 1920-1940 for this location. Apparently, beeroff is a term used in Nottingham and other parts of the East Midlands to describe an off-licence, i.e. a shop that is licensed to sell alcohol for consumption off the premises. They were relatively widespread in the days before supermarkets and/or when they did not commonly sell alcohol.

1939 Residents

Eric and Lydia Bowmar were living at number 22 and they had a housemaid Lily Lockton.

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