80 Station Street

Kirkby Sales and Exchange

Kirkby Sales and Exchange are at 80 Station Street currently. Although their Facebook page gives their address as 80 Station Street, they appear to occupy what was 78 Station Street as well. They have been there since November 2015 at least. However, in June 2015, the property appears to have been vacant.

Kirkby Sales and Exchange at 80 Station Street in August 2023
This photo from 2020 shows Kirkby Sales and Exchange through the flame and the Nag’s Head clock. This photo is from Annesley OC Heritage Extra Facebook page

Fidler and Pepper

From at least October 2008 to April 2011, the premises housed solicitors Fidler and Pepper. They appear to still be operating with offices in Mansfield and Sutton.

This photo of the Soldier Day Parade is thought to date from 2009. Image from Kirkby Living Memory Facebook Group. Fidler and Pepper are clearly shown as occupying 78-80 Station Street.

Built in 1886?

Of interest perhaps, is that there seems to be an inscription of the date 1886 on the front wall of number 80. I presume this was the date this property was built.

The date of 1886 is inscribed on the front wall of 80 Station Street.

Passageway to Snooker Hall

Frank Ball identified that there was a passageway to the snooker hall that was on Kingsley Street, which had previously been a hosiery factory. Initially, he thought this was between numbers 80 and 82. However, on seeing older photos, he recalled that it was between 78 and 80.

Initially Frank Ball thought this doorway between 80 and 82 Station Street used to lead to a snooker hall on Kingsley Street
This image is, I believe, from the 1939 Carnival. On the extreme right is my grandfather’s shoe shop. While the photo is quite blurred, 80 Station Street is clearly visible including the date plaque and the door beneath. On seeing this, Frank Ball noted that in fact the passage had been through the arch that is visible between 78 and 80 Station Street. Nina Bianco commented that this made sense as “when we were doing building work there was evidence that a passageway was in the middle”.
Kingsley Street. The red arrow marks the location of the snooker hall. Kingsway is visible ahead. The unannotated photo was shared by Frank Ball on Kirkby-in-Ashfield People Facebook Group

Tuttle’s Greengrocer

There was no listing for this property in 1942 but, in 1928, James Tuttle was a greengrocer at number 80. Tuttles Greengrocer appears on Jacques’ List of Station Street retailers circa 1920-1940. James Tuttle applied to Kirkby Tribunal for an exemption to military service during the first world war.

Extract from 1928 Kelly’s Directory with James Tuttle at 80 Station Street highlighted

Shepherd’s Dairies

Based on information in the 1921 census regarding James Tuttle’s daughter Dorothy, it seems that Shepherd’s Dairies may have been operating from 80 Station Street at that time. Based on a notice in the Nottingham Evening Post, in October 1920, it appears that there may have been a link between Shepherd’s Dairies and Home and Colonial Stores. It is of interest that, during the second world war, Home and Colonial Stores were based at 86 Station Street.

Residents of 80 Station Street


No-one was registered as living here in 1939.

The Tuttles

In 1921, James Peter and Matilda Tuttle were living her with their two children, Dorothy A (b1902) and Milford James (b1904). Of interest perhaps is that James Peter was born in Geldeston near Beccles. According to the census, this was in Suffolk although it is now in Norfolk. The two children were both born in Neatishead near Norwich. Both James and Matilda were listed as greengrocers. Dorothy was working for Shepherd’s Dairies, whose address was also 80 Station Street. Milford James was an engineer’s apprentice at the Midlands Railway.

The Parnells

In 1911, Thomas and Sarah Elizabeth Parnell were living at 80 Station Street with their six children. I wonder if the first three are from an earlier marriage as they have the surname Busby. The children were James Busby (b1890), Mary Agnes Busby (b1892), Joseph Busby (b1894), Alice Elizabeth Parnell (b1903), Thomas Parnell (b1906) and Lucy Parnell (b1910). Thomas (Snr) was described as a general labourer, James Busby was a coal miner hewer and Joseph Busby was a coal miner pony driver below ground.

The Simmonses

In 1901, W H and F C Simmons were living at 80 Station Street. He was described as a watchmaker.

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