18-20 Station Street

The Tea Room

“Now”, The Tea Room is at 18-20 Station Street. They have been there since at least September 2020. Before that, they were based at 30 Station Street. From at least August 2018 to March 2019, 18-20 Station Street appear to have been empty. Work seems to have been done to combine two shops into one. Before that, from at least October 2008 to September 2017, based on visuals from Google Streetview, 20 Station Street was occupied by Norman Daynes Electrical and number 18 by wool shop Craft ‘E’ Corner. However, each gave their address as 18-20 Station Street so perhaps the businesses were linked. Apparently, Norman Daynes Electrical was dissolved in May 2016 having been incorporated in 1964. A Norman Daynes record shop was based here in the 1980s.

The Tea Room at 18-20 Station Street in August 2023

The Alcocks

Then” at number 20 was Edward Ronald Brewster Alcock, a Chartered Accountant. From number 18 to 20 were Edward Alcock and Sons, solicitors, John Hodson Alcock, a solicitor and Nottingham Building Society.

From my reading of the Kelly’s Directories, it seems that 18-20 Station Street were occupied by John Edward Alcock’s business in both 1928 and 1941 and this was as a solicitor and commissioner of oaths. In addition, in 1941, there was a John Hodson Alcock who was a solicitor and Edward Ronald (or Roland) Brewster Alcock who was a Chartered Accountant. In 1928, Henry Bradfield and Sons, accountants, shared the premises. Nottingham Building Society were there in both 1928 and 1941 but, in 1928, they were called Nottingham Permanent Benefit Building Society.

It seems that John Hodson Alcock (b1894) and Edward Roland B Alcock (b1910) were sons of John Edward and Margaret Alcock. By 1941, it seems that the sons were running the business as John Edward himself died in 1935.

1939 Residents

At 18 and 20 respectively were widow Hilda Dowsing and widower Thomas Flint, a retired miner. They married shortly after this in 1940. Ronald Dowsing, a wood machinist, was living at number 18 while Roy, a bricklayer’s labourer, and Freda Dowsing were recorded at number 20. Also at number 20 was Thomas W Flint, a coal hewer.

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  1. I also got Daynes Shop it listed on the British Record Shops Org web site along with Shepersons in Sutton.

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