Friday 12 October 1973

In the morning Ethel went at 08.40 with Mr Beckett to Norwich, then to Sheila’s. After dinner she went to a meeting near the Cathedral re Women’s Day of Prayer next year. She also called at Burtons for my suit and paid the balance of £26.50. Total £36.50 never paid so much for a suit before.


Ethel refers to my grandmother Ethel May Cecilia Parkin. James Beckett lived next-door-but-one to grandma and grandad at 170 Drayton High Road. Sheila refers to my mother Sheila May Drew nee Parkin.

Grandad almost always referred to dinner and tea not lunch and dinner. So, for him, including in this context, dinner was a midday meal.

Although Norwich has two cathedrals, reference to “the Cathedral” always denotes the Anglican one. For more details of the Women’s World Day of Prayer, and grandma’s involvement in it, see Chapter 107.

For more details of grandad’s suit purchase, see Chapter 108.

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