Thursday 14 June 1973

Arthur came, we pulled some trunk trays to pieces. At 19.30 Sheila came & mowed both lawns, she tried the roto mower was pleased with it. She finished the lawns with the cylinder mower, the roto does not pick up the grass a better one would but could not cut better. Ron brought me 2 2×2 slabs from Dixons price 47p.


Arthur refers to Arthur Elsegood, grandad’s friends who often did practical tasks with him, see Chapter 109.

Sheila refers to Sheila May Drew, my mother. Grandma and grandad had large lawns at both the front and back of their house which often required mowing, see Chapter 109. While grandma and grandad had originally done this, it increasingly fell to mum and us. The rotary mower was new. Grandma had bought it from Curls on 6 June.

Ron refers to Ron Douglas. He was grandma and grandad’s next-door neighbour living at 168 Drayton High Road.

Dixons was a hardware store on Reepham Road that grandad used a lot, see Chapter 85.

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