Wednesday 6 June 1973

Arthur & I laid 2 3 ft slabs on their edges. Ethel went to Norwich and bought from Curls a Qualcast rotory electric mower price £14.00, on offer at £10.90, a shopping bag on wheels from Bonds £2.30, gas lighter from Halford £1.25 complete.


Arthur refers to grandad’s friend Arthur Elsegood who helped him with various practical tasks including laying slabs in the garden. For more details see Chapter 109.

Ethel refers to my grandma, Ethel May Cecilia Parkin.

Curls was a department store in Norwich which became Debenhams, see Chapter 93. For more details of the purchase of this mower, see Chapter 108. More details of Qualcast are also available in Chapter 93.

Bonds was also a department store in Norwich that became John Lewis, see Chapter 91.

For more details of Halfords see Chapter 84. The gas lighter grandma bought, see Chapter 108 was to replace one they had bought, also from Halfords, in 1966, see Chapter 93.

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