Tuesday 29 May 1973

E&D went by bus to Cromer. Arthur came & gave me a hand to do some slabbing at the top of the garden, we laid 4 slabs.


E refers to my grandmother Ethel May Cecilia Parkin.

D refers to Dorothy Rose, who I knew as Auntie Dolly. She was grandma’s first cousin and lived in Bedford. She visited grandma and grandad about three times each year, see Chapter 106.

Grandma and Auntie Dolly visited places together including, on this occasion, to Cromer by bus. For more details of the places they visited see Chapter 106. For more details of the bus trips they made, see Chapter 110.

Arthur refers to grandad’s friend Arthur Elsegood who often helped him with practical tasks, see Chapter 109. The number of slabs they laid is not very clear but it looks as if grandad originally wrote 3 and then overwrote it as 4.

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