Wednesday 25 April 1973

Ethel & Dolly went on the bus 13.15 to Norwich, they brought me 2 chime bars from Wilson’s price £1.60.


Ethel refers to my grandmother, Ethel May Cecilia Parkin.

Dolly refers to my grandmother’s first cousin, Dorothy Rose, who lived in Bedford and who often visited grandma and grandad, see Chapter 106.

I am not entirely sure which music shop grandad was referring to as Wilson’s as there were two in Norwich at this time – W E Willson and Willson and Ramshaw (see Chapter 108). Both advertised in the Hewett School magazine in 1972 (see Chapter 103). Details of these chime bars, which grandad returned, are also in Chapter 108.

Adverts for Willson and Ramshaw (above) and W E Willson’s (below) that appeared in the Hewett School magazine in 1972

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