Sunday 22 April 1973

EASTER SUNDAY Ethel a little better went twice to DMC. S R & family (but not Patricia, she is still in France) came for tea. Weather very cold. Dolly came at 21.00. Sheila met her at the bus station.


Ethel refers to my grandmother, Ethel May Cecilia Parkin. For more details of her health, see Chapter 100.

DMC refers to Drayton Methodist Church, see Chapter 107.

S R and family refers to my mother, Sheila Drew, my father, Royle Drew and their children which, in this case, were me, Alan and Liz. It was our practice to go to grandma and grandad’s for tea on Sunday afternoon, see Chapter 106. My eldest sister, Patricia/Tricia was on a school trip in France, see Chapter 103.

Dolly refers to my grandma’s cousin, Dorothy Rose, who I knew as Auntie Dolly. She often visited grandma and grandad and always came by bus from Bedford, see Chapter 106.

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