Friday 20 April 1973

GOOD FRIDAY. Ethel not too well she did not go out. During the evening Amy rang to tell us that Arthur Booth our neighbour at Welbeck Street had died, he had been ill about 3 years. I finished the trolley for Alan. Still cold.


Ethel refers to my grandmother, Ethel May Cecilia Parkin. For details of her illness and of Arthur Booth’s death, see Chapter 100.

Amy refers to grandma’s friend Amy Wilson who lived in Mansfield and who visited grandma and grandad frequently with her husband Tom – see Chapter 106.

The trolley refers to something grandad was making. Although he had mentioned it before, this was the first time he had said it was for Alan, my brother, who was ten at this point. For details of things grandad made, see Chapter 109.

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