Sunday 18 February 1923

Snowed all day . Read “City of Palms“.


Initially, I struggled to find the book “City of Palms” not least because there is a later book of the same title by Pamela Kent. In the end, I found a book by that title (“The City of Palms“) in the Civil and Military Gazette (Lahore) for 16 October 1923. The book is by Kathlyn Rhodes and was published in 1919. I am intrigued why grandad read this book given that she mostly wrote romantic fiction. Anyway, I found a copy on Abe Books which I bought.

The City of Palms by Kathlyn Rhodes

The book is in the series of Hutchinson’s Famous Copyright (or 6d) Novels. The series ran from around 1924 to 1935 when it was largely made redundant by the emergence of Penguin paperbacks. It is therefore unlikely that this version was the one grandad read in 1923 but apparently it was not uncommon for Hutchinson’s to publish books that had been published earlier.

There is a partial list of titles in the Hutchinson’s series on the back of the book I bought

Apparently, this series of books contained adverts which presumably helped keep the price low. In this book, one of the adverts is for Dr Cassel’s tablets which I have come across previously as I know grandad used them (see Chapter 9)

Advert for Dr Cassell’s tablets contained in the book The City of Palms

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