Thursday 15 February 1973

Ethel went to DLM. Still very cold. I watched the Joe Bugner v Muhammad Ali (formaly Casius Clay) fight on TV. Fought in Las Vegas (recording). ALI won on points after 12 rounds. Joe was British. Ethel went into Barbara’s.


Ethel refers to my grandma Ethel May Cecilia Parkin

DLM stands for Drayton Ladies’ Meeting. This was based at Drayton Methodist Church and was started by my grandmother, in October 1964, after they moved to Drayton (see Chapter 79).

There is a video of the Bugner Ali fight on YouTube. This was the first of two fights between them. The TV coverage (recorded) was at 9pm on ITV. For more details, see Chapter 112.

Barbara refers to Barbara Carpenter who was grandma and grandad’s next-door neighbour.

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