Wednesday 14 February 1923



Diary of my grandfather Charles Gordon Parkin (see Chapter 0 for introduction to diaries and Chapter 1 for introduction to my grandfather)

His diary entries in 1923 were brief and patchy. On this day, he just noted “snow“.

On Sunday 4 February, he noted “went a motor ride afternoon“. From 1921 to 1931, grandad owned a motor cycle and sidecar and I think this is probably what he is referring to (see Chapter 18).

On Wednesday 7 February, he noted “went to the Kings. Saw ‘Over the Hill’.” The Kings refers to a cinema in Kirkby in Ashfield (see Chapter 4). The film he saw was “Over the Hill to the Poorhouse” which was made in 1920.

On Sunday 11 February, he noted the book he was reading “Red Eve” by H Rider Haggard.

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