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I am currently experimenting with producing sets of narrated photos of some of the material on the site. It is based on a video that I came across of Norwich on the Norwich Remembers Facebook Group. I am trying to make videos of around ten minutes in length.

I have started by applying this to my imaginary walk up and down Station Street in Kirkby. This is because it is very similar in content to the video I saw of Norwich but also because it is the most visited page on the site apart from the home page. The videos also appear on the imaginary walk up and down Station Street page.

Part 1 introduces this imaginary walk and then proceeds from where Urban Road becomes Station Street as far as Number 15

Part 2 takes us from Number 13 to Number 41

Part 3 takes us from Number 43 to Four Lane Ends including information on the Newcombes

Part 4 takes us from Four Lane Ends back to Morley Street. It gives details of my grandad’s shoe shop at 72-76 Station Street

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