Tuesday 13 November 1973

I repaired the two bikes, bought a new tube for Roger’s 66p. Arthur brought the tube from Dixons, he also gave me a hand doing the bikes. I began altering the wheels on the Roto mower. Ethel bought Mrs Ducker’s fur coat paid £15; bargain.


The two bikes in question were mine and Liz’s that mum had brought to grandad the previous day. For details of these and other bike repairs and maintenance during this period, see Chapter 109. For details of the tube purchase and other purchases, see Chapter 108.

Roger refers to me. Arthur refers to Arthur Elsegood, grandad’s friend who often helped him with practical tasks.

Dixons refers to a hardware/DIY centre on Reepham Road that grandad used a lot, see Chapter 85. This is now Dixons shopping centre.

Dixon’s shopping centre

The Roto mower was a Qualcast rotary mower that grandad got from Curls/Debenhams in June 1973, see Chapter 108. For more details of this including its use, see Chapter 109.

Example of Qualcast electric rotary mower – Image licenced for reuse from Alamy

Ethel refers to my grandmother, Ethel May Cecilia Parkin. Grandma’s fur coat purchase is referred to in Chapter 108. Mrs Ducker was Francis Elsie Ducker who grandma knew through Drayton Ladies’ Meeting, see Chapter 107. She was born on 6 September 1889 and she died in December 1974.

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