Wednesday 17 October 1973

Sheila called for Ethel to help her to get ready for moving to College Rd tomorrow. War still raging in the Middle East. I put the undercoat of paint on the bird table. Lent Sheila £400 part payment of the c heating.


Sheila refers to my mother Sheila May Drew nee Parkin. Ethel refers to my grandmother Ethel May Cecilia Parkin. For details of our move to College Road, see Chapter 102. This includes details of installation of central heating and the money grandma and grandad lent mum.

The war grandad is referring to is now known as the Yom Kippur war, see Chapter 112.

Grandad made a new bird table between August and October 1973. For more details of the work grandad did on this, see Chapter 109.

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