Friday 21 September 1973

Rain nearly all day. During the night some-one pushed over the front wind-mill broke one sail & took the small wheel from the back, also a person threw a brick through Ken’s lounge window, as it was double glazed it only broke the front pane. They rang the police. Ethel went & paid the gas a/c from Dec 4 1972 to July 26th 1973 paid £58.55. Jack & Eileen came for the night. They are going for a holiday on the Broads tomorrow. Arthur came & helped me part repair it W.M.


For more details of grandad’s windmills including this act of vandalism see Chapter 109.

Ken refers to Ken Bell who lived next-door-but-one to grandma and grandad at 162 Drayton High Road.

Ethel refers to my grandmother Ethel May Cecilia Parkin.

Jack and Eileen refers to friends of grandma’s and grandad’s Jack and Eileen Fawthrop. For details of their visits in the early seventies see Chapter 106.

Arthur refers to grandad’s friend Arthur Elsegood. He often helped grandad with practical tasks, see Chapter 109.

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