Saturday 15 September 1973

Sheila’s 39th birthday. Ethel went with Sheila they took Mrs Davis to Lowestoft for a fortnight’s holiday. Ethel also called at the gas showrooms in Norwich re our gas bill as we have not had anything since last December.


Sheila refers to my mother Sheila May Drew nee Parkin. She was born on 15 September 1934, see Chapter 22. For details of family birthdays in the early seventies, see Chapter 106.

Ethel refers to my grandmother, Ethel May Cecilia Parkin. In both September 1972 and June 1973, grandma and Mrs Davis went on holiday to Lowestoft, see Chapter 106. However, grandma did not go with Mrs Davis on this occasion.

At that time, the regional gas and electricity boards not only supplied gas and electricity respectively but they also each had showrooms where you could buy appliances, see Chapter 84.

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