Wednesday 5 September 1923

Went to Bakewell & Grand Theatre Mansfield.


For details of places grandad visited between the wars, see Chapter 18.

For details of the Grand Theatre in Mansfield, see Chapter 21. Grandad did not record what he saw but, based on a review in the Mansfield Reporter of 7 September 1923, it seems he saw the play “The Sign of the Cross”. The play was written by Wilson Barrett in 1895. It has a Christian/religious theme and is said to resemble “Quo Vadis?”. Actors included William Maclaren as Marcus Superbus;  Lily C Bandman as Mercia; Harry Huttroth as Nero; Ernest St John as Glabrio; Millicent Maclaren as Poppae; Clarice Wynn as Dacia; Lillian Lawrence as Berenice; and Florence Macinnes as Stephanus.

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