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Thursday 30 August 1973

Tom & Amy went home. I cut the grass at the front of the wall. Ethel went with other members of DLM to Miss Cooke’s.


Tom and Amy refers to Tom and Amy Wilson, friends of grandma’s and grandad’s, who we knew as Uncle Tom and Auntie Amy. They visited often from Mansfield, see Chapter 106.

Grandma and grandad had large lawns at the front and back of their house. These required a lot of maintenance including frequent mowing. In this case, grandad was cutting the grass between their front wall and the road, see Chapter 109.

Ethel refers to my grandmother, Ethel May Cecilia Parkin. DLM refers to Drayton Ladies’ Meeting which operated as a class of Drayton Methodist Church. They did not have formal meetings at church during August but usually continued to meet at each other’s homes, see Chapter 107.

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