Wednesday 29 August 1973

Sheila, P, A & E came for dinner, Patricia came from Switzerland, got to Norwich about 12.15. Sheila cut both lawns.


Sheila refers to my mother, Sheila May Drew nee Parkin. P refers to my sister Patricia (Tricia) Jane Carrick nee Drew, A to my brother, Alan Charles Drew and E to my sister, Elizabeth (Liz) Mary Tidy nee Drew. I am not sure why I was not there!

When grandad refers to “dinner“, he is referring to a midday meal. So “dinner” and “tea” not “lunch” and “dinner“.

Tricia had been in Switzerland on a trip with Guides, see Chapter 106.

Grandma and grandad had large lawns at the front and back of their house. These required a lot of maintenance including frequent mowing, see Chapter 109.

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