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Tuesday 24 July 1973

Alan came to do odd jobs to earn money for his holiday in August. I cleaned the Roto mower. Also had a garden fire.


Alan refers to my brother Alan Charles Drew. I am not sure what holiday this is referring to. We did not take a family holiday in summer 1973, Dad did take Alan and Liz to Butlins in Clacton in August 1973, see Chapter 106. So, perhaps this is what this refers to.

Grandma and grandad had large lawns at both the front and back of their house. These required a lot of effort to maintain including frequent mowing. They had two mowers – a cylinder one and a rotary (or roto) one. They had just finished mowing both lawns over a period of several days. Grandad loved a garden fire. It was his preferred way of getting rid of garden rubbish, see Chapter 109.

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