Saturday 21 July 1973

I mowed part of the front lawn during the morning, after dinner E & I decided to finish it, just got going when it began to rain, so that put paid to it. Ethel went to Sheila’s for tea, then after tea Ethel, Sheila & Fam went Saturday NITE out at Great Melton a Methodist due. I paid Ken for the cement & sand £2.50.


Grandma and grandad had large lawns at both the front and back of their house. These required a lot of mowing, see Chapter 109.

Ethel refers to my grandma. Ethel May Cecilia Parkin. Sheila refers to my mother, Sheila May Drew nee Parkin. Fam refers to family.

I assume by “due” grandad meant “do“. This is slightly odd because as far as I know there has never been a Methodist church in Great Melton.

Ken refers to Ken Bell who lived next-door-but-one to grandma and grandad at 162 Drayton High Road.

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