Tuesday 17 July 1973

Ethel went to Norwich, met Sheila & they went to see a house Sheila was interested in, then Ethel went to Sheila’s for tea, stayed baby sitting back home 22.15. I had a disturbed night, got up 8 times.


Ethel refers to my grandma. Ethel May Cecilia Parkin. Sheila refers to my mother, Sheila May Drew nee Parkin. Mum was looking for a new house for us as she and dad had split up in June 1973, see Chapter 99. Although grandad does not say so explicitly here, other diary entries indicate that this house was 192 College Road. We moved there in October 1973, see Chapter 102.

Grandad’s symptoms related to his prostate for which he ultimately had surgery, see Chapter 100.

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