Friday 6 July 1973

Florrie went home. Ethel went with her to Nottm, Ethel was going to Franks & Renies to look after AB. F & R went to Llandudno for a holiday. Ron took E & F to the bus station weather rain showers.


Florrie and the second F both refer to grandma’s friend and former neighbour, Florrie Booth, who was visiting from Kirkby, see Chapter 106.

Ethel and E refer to my grandmother Ethel May Cecilia Parkin.

Nottm refers to Nottingham.

Frank and Renie (F & R) were Frank and Renie Seville who we knew, as children, as Uncle Jim and Auntie Renie. Jim/Frank was grandma’s first cousin. His given name was Frank, the same name as his father. So, everyone called him Jim. Grandad only started referring to him as Frank after his father died in 1959, see Chapter 65.

AB refers to Auntie Bertha who was grandma’s maternal aunt. She was grandma’s mother’s younger sister. I recall her. She died in 1975 when I was 15.

Ron refers to Ron Douglas, grandma and grandad’s next-door neighbour at 168 Drayton High Road.

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