Wednesday 4 July 1973

Cookes delivered the chime bars & case. Retail price £31 but they offered it to me for £22 (25 Bars). I bought it. E & F went on chapel trip to Cromer & Wayborn. Still very hot.


Cookes was a music shop. Currently, there seem to be two Cookes’ music shops in St Benedicts, one for pianos at number 19 and another for band instruments at number 34. This was also the case in 1972 according to an advert in the Hewett School magazine that year. Cookes’ first music shop opened in Norwich in 1887. The piano shop was bought by Millers Music in 2016 and is due to close with the business relocating to Cambridge. For more details, see Chapter 92. For details of this purchase, see Chapter 108.

E refers to my grandmother Ethel May Cecilia Parkin. F refers to her friend and former neighbour, Florrie Booth, who was visiting from Kirkby, see Chapter 106.

Chapel refers to Drayton Methodist Church, see Chapter 107. Wayborn is presumably a misspelling of Weybourne.

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