Sunday 24 June 1973

Ethel went to MC twice & the evening service at a joint service at Drayton P Church. S & the fam came for tea, as it was so hot Alan brought his paddling pool, they all, Alan, Caroline & E enjoyed playing in the water. Mrs Crabb died through having 2 strokes aged 76.


Ethel refers to my grandmother Ethel May Cecilia Parkin.

MC refers to Methodist Church, specifically Drayton Methodist Church. Grandma went there in the morning and in the afternoon, see Chapter 107.

Drayton P Church refers to Drayton Parish Church also known as St Margaret’s, see Chapter 90. The joint service was between the Anglicans and the Methodists.

S & the fam refers to Sheila and the family. Sheila refers to my mother Sheila May Drew nee Parkin. It was our practice to go to grandma and grandad’s for tea on Sunday afternoon.

Tricia and I received a paddling pool as a joint birthday present in May 1961, see Chapter 81. However, this is some 12 years later so I don’t know if this refers to the same pool or a different one. I am also not sure why grandad refers to it as Alan’s.

Alan refers to my brother Alan Charles Drew and E refers to my sister Elizabeth (Liz) Mary Tidy nee Drew.

Caroline refers to Caroline Douglas who lived next-door to my grandparents at 168 Drayton High Road. She was a little older than my sister Liz and they were friends.

Mrs Crabb refers to Hilda Crabb. I am not entirely sure who she was but perhaps a friend of grandma’s.

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