Sunday 27 May 1973

Spring bank holiday now held instead of Whitsuntide (I do not agree with the idea). E & D went to both services at DMC. They also went to Sheila’s for tea. Roy went to Kirkby.


For details of grandad’s views on the change from Whit to Spring Bank Holiday, see Chapter 112.

E refers to my grandmother Ethel May Cecilia Parkin.

D refers to Dorothy Rose, my grandfather’s first cousin, who I knew as Auntie Folly. She lived in Bedford and often came to visit my grandparents, see Chapter 106. She always came by bus.

DMC refers to Drayton Methodist Church, see Chapter 107.

Sheila refers to my mother Sheila May Drew nee Parkin. Roy refers to my father Royle Drew.

It was more usual for us to go to grandma and grandad’s for tea on Sunday afternoon (see Chapter 106) but, for some reason, on this Sunday, grandma and Auntie Dolly came to us.

Dad had gone to Kirkby, presumably to visit his mother (see Chapter 106). This was the last such trip that grandad recorded for reasons explained in the chapter.

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