Thursday 12 April 1973

We four went to Dixon’s for paraffin etc. etc. Barbara, Ethel & I went in Barbara’s car to vote. Ethel & Amy went to DLM. Weather very cold wind. I helped Roy fix loudspeakers on his car. He was a candidate. He did not get elected.


The four referred to here are grandad, Gordon Parkin, grandma, Ethel Parkin and their two friends, Amy and Tom Wilson, who were visiting from Mansfield.

Dixon’s was a hardware shop in Hellesdon that grandad used a lot – see Chapter 85.

Barbara refers to Barbara Carpenter, grandma and grandad’s next-door neighbour.

The vote referred to was for local elections. Roy refers to my father, Royle Drew. He stood as a Liberal candidate for a number of elections, including the 1970 general election – see Chapter 112. He was not elected at any of his attempts.

DLM refers to Drayton Ladies’ Meeting which was a women’s meeting held at Drayton Methodist Church – see Chapter 107.

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